Sunday, March 21, 2010

Never assume!

This is what happens when you assume that everybody else knows what you are talking about! I am the person that usually orders office supplies for our office and I wanted three full size scratch pads cut into three equal parts. Well they got the cutting part correct, but rather than 3 pads, I received 3 packages of 5 pads! Oh well, good thing it wasn't very expensive! My motto -- never assume! Always ask questions!
I wanted these pads to use as a shopping list pad. I find that some pads aren't big enough to list all your groceries. You are probably wondering why in the heck do I need such a big piece of paper for my grocery list. Well, to be honest, I generally do one big shop every 3-4 weeks with little shops in between for my fresh produce and dairy.
I will be back to show you what I've done with these pads shortly.

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