Monday, February 13, 2012

In Your Element - Week 1

A few weeks ago, I posted about not being able to keep up with my posts as I figured I had taken on more than I can handle.  Well, my story is that my youngest DS’ school was hosting a program called “In Your Element”.  This is a four week program where parents have an opportunity to teach the children what they knew most about, or being passionate about, etc.  Some of the subjects were:  golf, water polo, knitting, taking and putting together an engine, drawing / sketching, etc. 
Well I submitted that I would teach the kids how to create a paper bag album.  I was thrilled to learn that 14 children had signed up as well as 8 of them were boys!  Who would have thunk!
Well to my surprise, I learned on the first day of my class, the majority of my students were kindergarteners! 
Hmm, try and explain to five-year olds what a paper bag album was without your sample (I had forgotten that at home). 
Eventually, they understood what a paper bag album was (I think), but luckily, I had pre-cut everything and all they had to do was glue.
This is my sample to show the children.  It is not quite complete, as I have more photos and facts to add.

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