Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Very First Blog Candy

Wow, I can't believe I have had over 1000 visitors - or it be just me racking up the counter. None the less, I appreciate everyone who visits my blog and if you'd like to help spread the word about my blog candy, please feel free to.
For some reason, I have ended up with two copies of Just Cards VIII. Rather than tossing it, I thought I would share it along with this little set of Mini-Themed stamps. It is brand new and none of the stamps have seen ink.
To be entered into the random drawing for this Blog Candy, please submit a comment to this post and tell me how you found my blog and if you have visited more than once before. Please add your entry number (comment numbers + 1). One comment per person. If you see the number is messed up, please don’t post again or the numbers will just get messed up even more.

Even if this is your first visit, I’m very happy to have you and certainly hope you’ll come back often! I will accept comments until 7pm Pacific time Friday June 6th. The winner will be posted sometime after that time (maybe late) that evening with the help of


CharityHand said...

Hi! I just hopped on over from the Stamp Shack. Here's to 1,000 more visitors!

cpullum said...

I found it through a google search! Really cool blog! love stampin!