Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lego Head Card

Happy Birthday Sajan!
So there is nothing like doing things last minute.  Most of you know me by now where I am usually up the nite before preparing for either a class or making a card for somebody.  But this time, I swear it was not preventable.  My youngest DS received a birthday invite on Wednesday.  So Thursday evening after field hockey, we whipped up to Wal-Mart to purchase a birthday gift.  Owen tells me that Sajan loves legos, so Owen purchased a new lego set for his friend.  I had one of these “aha!” moment and thought wouldn’t it be nice to make a card to go with the present.
So when we got home, I set off to make Sajan’s card (I actually made three).  When I was done, I presented it to my DH and to my oldest son, both of whom laughed at what I made and also queried what it was.  I thought, hmf!  I’ll wait until the morning so that Owen can decide for himself. 

In the morning, I showed Owen the card, and immediately a smile came to his face along with a little giggle and said that’s the card for Sajan!  Instantly, I knew it was a hit.

This card measures 6”x6”.  I had notched out the corners measuring 1-1/2” in from both sides and 1” down / up from the top and bottom.  Rounded out the corners, and added my face using the ½” circle punch and the large oval punch.

If you haven’t figured out what this is, it is a lego head.  What I need to do is make the top and bottom button narrower the next time. 

Stamps:  none

Ink:  none
Paper:  Sunshine Yellow, Basic Black

Accessories:  1-1|2” circle punch and large oval punch

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