Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Baking

I am just getting around to posting this now, but I did a bunch of Christmas Baking with the intention of giving away little care packages to various people.  I went hard for a whole week baking 2-3 three items a day (of course all the while, the boys were taste testing and giving their opinion).  So I think I went a little overboard, but I totally enjoyed it! 
These are just plates of my sugar cookies – a plate of stars

And a plate of giant snowflakes.

A plate of coconut shortbread

Here is the plate I put together to give to a good friend who was so kind to give me and the boys each a present, but I had no idea as to what to give them and thought, aha . . . something that they each can enjoy over the holidays without breaking the bank.
In total, I made up four of these plates – one for my sister-in-law – she hosted Christmas Dinner.  One to my long time girlfriend whom we visited on New Year’s Eve , one for my family as I hosted Christmas Eve dinner and of course the other to our good friends – both our boys are the same age and have grown up together.  

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